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Digital Magic

Our Training and Service is Incomparable!

Digital Magic can provide you with day, evening and weekend in the San Jose / San Francisco area, classes to assist you and your employees on file management and basic system troubleshooting along with preventative maintanance. Classes are by appointment only and can range from just one student to classes of up to 20. Costs range from $25.00 per student per hour or for classes of 5 people or more at $125.00 per hour. Classes can be provided to individuals in the home as well. Subjects include, "where did my file go?", "what files can I safely delete?", "what preventative measures can I take?", working in Windows Explorer comfortably, shortcuts and what to do when something goes wrong.

On-site service is also available during most evenings, weekends and holidays. Our normal rates are $125.00 per hour for evenings and weekends and $175.00 per hour for holidays. Prices do not reflect parts, materials or software that may be required to repair defective equipment. Trouble shooting Windows 95/98/ME.Win2K and MAC's is our specialty. We leave no Icon unturned until we solve your problem.

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