How Do We Refurbish OUR Machines?

We are often asked what we do when we refurbish and rebuild computers. Here is what Digital Magic does to ensure you are getting the very best machine possible.

The first thing we do is strip everything out of the machine. The chassis is then cleaned out by high pressure air and by hand to thoroughly clean the case. Now the power supply is load tested, and all dirt and dust removed. If the power supply fails any part of the load test, it is replaced with a new, not rebuilt, power supply.

Next, the logic board is sent out to be washed and cleaned. Each component is completely bench tested. If a part like the CD, floppy drive or hard drive fails a function test, it is replaced with either a remanufactured or new item. The floppy and CD are opened and cleaned, then reassembled. Next, each component is replaced into the case.

Most machines are in the original configuration as sold from the factory, with the exception of the added RAM. In the case of MAC Clones we normally will install two, 64 MB DIMMs so the memory is interleaved. We then load up the OS, in the case of MAC's, 9.0 with the 9.0.4 upgrade. For PC's that would be Win 98 SE or Windows ME. We try to ship a Power Computing keyboard and mouse with the MAC Clones, but sometimes we just do not have any. In these instances, we may substitute another brand, but the parts are new!

We then run the machines for 48 hours using MAC or Win Bench as our testing software. If it passes, we put it on the market. In this way, we can assure the buyer they are getting not just a used machine being sold as is, but a almost better than new box that will supply years of service. That is how and why we back each machine we sell, unless otherwise noted, with at least a 1 year warranty. If something goes wrong with the hardware, short of customer abuse, we fix it! Period!

I hope this answers your questions. If you would like to know anything else, please feel free to contact us.

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