Digital Camera Sales

Digital Magic has expanded its offerings further by bringing you the latest High Tech Digital Cameras from Eastman Kodak and Sony. Our Prices are UNBELIEVABLY LOW! How low? Check out our current prices. Digital Magic NOW has the Epson and AGFA line of Digital Cameras. All prices are subject to change, so call or E-Mail for quotation. Remember, you can shop your local stores, then order from us for your BEST prices!

We also have many of the accessories you want as well. Cases, extra memory cards, A/C adaptors. Just call or mail for the most current pricing!

Kodak DC-265

New Pricing on ALL Kodak Digital Cameras


Kodak DC-260


Kodak DC-240


Kodak DC-220


Kodak DC-210 Plus


Accessory kits are available for all Kodak Models

For more information about Kodak Digital Cameras, click HERE

Sony FD91 Mavica


Sony FD88 Mavica


Sony FD83 Mavica


Sony FD85 Mavica

NEW *Backordered until ??? *


Sony FD90 Mavica

NEW *Backordered until ???*


Sony FD95 Mavica

NEW *Backordered until ??? *


All Sony Digital Cameras are backordered. We are currently compiling orders to be shipped for the December holidays.

Place your order today for shipment of these popular cameras for shipment in November or December.

Accessory kits are available for all Sony Models

For more information about Sony Digital Cameras, click HERE

Agfa ePhoto 1680


Agfa ePhoto Smile


Agfa ePhoto 780C



For more information about Agfa Digital Cameras, click HERE

Epson Photo PC 850Z



Epson Photo PC 800



Epson Photo PC 750Z


Epson Photo PC 650



For more information about Epson PC700 family of Digital Camera, click HERE

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